August 30 – Touring the Psalms – Part 4

August 27th, 2015 by admin

In Morning Worship we will continue in our look into the Psalms with a message from Pastor Reigle titled “Waiting … Wondering … Worshipping.” His focus will be on Psalm 62:1-12. We will consider these questions:
— What is it that most, if not all of us, hate to do?
— To what does waiting on God lead? To what does wondering about God lead? To what does worshiping God lead?
— What four things does Psalm 62 encourage us to do?
— What verse in Isaiah calls us to wait?
— What does it mean to wait?
— Why does the Psalm writer tell us to wait?
— Waiting on God is not being idle or indifferent; it’s waiting silently, expectantly, and continually. Does that describe your daily relationship to the Lord?

Update – Listen to this sermon here:

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