November 3 – On Holy Ground … the Gospel of John – Part 66

October 31st, 2013 by admin

In Morning Worship Pastor Reigle will share the next message in our study of the Gospel of John. This sermon is titled “Breakfast by the Sea” and is based on John 21:1-14. We will consider these questions:
— What was the emotional state of the disciples in John 21?
— Why were they in Galilee instead of Judea?
— How does John conclude this 4th gospel?
— What is one of the lessons that the disciples learned and that we can discern from this account?
— With what event seven weeks after the Resurrection does this fishing expedition contrast?
— By going back to fishing, what had the disciples ignored?
— In the amazing catch of fish (perhaps the 8th sign/miracle in this gospel), what did John recognize?
— Can you recognize Him in your activities? Are you obeying? Are you serving?

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