January 30 – Introducing Esther

January 20th, 2011 by admin

On January 30 Pastor Reigle begins a new series of messages from the Old Testament book of Esther.  The series is titled “Courage and Conviction… For Such a Time as This.”

In this several week study of the ten chapters of Esther we will see how Esther’s dramatic story depicts God at work behind the scenes, turning even the worst events into His good and perfect objectives.  We will see God working in history and how He is working in our lives through successes and failures.  We should each grow spiritually through careful consideration of the book of Esther.

To prepare for these lessons read through the ten chapters of the book using this guide:
— Sunday, January 24 – Esther 1
— Monday, January 25 – Esther 2
— Tuesday, January 26 – Esther 3-4
— Wednesday, January 27 – Esther 5
— Thursday, January 28 – Esther 6
— Friday, January 29 – Esther 7-8
— Saturday, January 30 – Esther 9-10

Pastor Reigle’s message on January 30 is titled “Introducing Esther.”  In this sermon we will consider these questions:
— In what contemporary nation does the story of Esther take place?
— For many the book of Esther is a puzzle.  It is remarkable for what it does not contain.  What is omitted in this book compared to other books of Scripture?

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